Stephen Kenny Musical Biography

I started getting into playing music in my first year at secondary school after serving my junior years spending all my weekly pocket money on that good old thing called a 7” vinyl single. Initially I fancied taking up a brass instrument and for some unbeknownst reason, I went with the French horn. This lasted no more than a few weeks before the glare of a mass of wood and metal sitting in the corner of the music room caught my eye and I thought “I fancy playing the drums!”. My friend played the drums in the school Orchestra and had a shiny new Aria kit in his front room which he use to let me have a bash on. I was instantly hooked! I then started to take music lessons at the of 14. Initially I thought playing the drums would be easy. Trust me, its not! I managed to put together some sort of kit consisting of odds-and-sods and after a year of pestering my Dad, he finally gave in and bought me my first kit. I remember we went to a music auction in Birmingham and not knowing a thing about auctions or what equipment to buy, my Dad and I sat there for all day battling with Music shop owners and dealers waiting for something to come up which he could afford. And I finally got my first Pearl kit. From there on in the neighbours loved my loud and out-of-time bashing but I stuck with it and at 16 I joined my first band. It wasn’t long before I was out playing live thinking I was going to be a pop-star!


Many years of developing musically came and went! After 36 years of playing in numerous bands up and down the Country, and in some very decent venues along with some absolute cow sheds, hauling gear in and out of vans and trucks, lying in the back of vans with tons of equipment shaking around me, getting in at silly o’clock and getting up for work at an even more sillier o’clock, I’ve found something new in DV8! I’ve known Dave from the local music scene in Coventry for a few decades and have played with him in the past. I’ve always admired his musicianship, singing and song writing. His songs aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill structure and the musicianship in the band is excellent! So, I got the call and hear I am really embracing this challenge to learn and play stuff out of my comfort zone.

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