Kev Currie Musical Biography

I guess it really started at school. We didn’t have a name and we played 4 songs in the 6th form common room. 90% borrowed kit, a hifi for a PA and about 10 people watching. But there I met Dave….

Dave and Steve (Madden) asked me to join Spider Murphy some 3 years after that and we worked hard to get a tight sound. With the addition of Dave Smith and Paul Delo the band that later became Murphys Law was formed. Great times!

During that time music became very busy as I joined up with the electro pop wizard, the late great Rrussel Vilan and worked in both bands at the same time. Busy busy

After this band of illustrious musicians went their separate ways, I joined up with the former Still Life front man Phil Solman in a blues trio, the Mustang Brothers and we performed in Coventry for about another 2 years before leaving Coventry for Leeds.

I then took time away from music until 2006 when I was asked to join up with a retro 70s rock outfit, with a keyboard player called Phil. This all broke up in 2007 at which point Phil joined the renowned Prog rock ensemble “Manning”. Two weeks later I got the call and after a short audition joined the juggernaut that is the Manning band. After gigs in the USA and in Europe and 5 successful years, I hung up my prog rock boots following a move to Uttoxeter.

And here we are, full circle, back with Dave getting into that writing groove again. Brilliant!

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